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New Work: The Creators Project Features Clouds in Cloudless Skies

Dive Into The Clouds In This Code-Generated Music Video
By Emerson Rosenthal — Jul 29 2014

For anyone who’s ever stared at the “Getting Started” tutorials on, the infinite, procedurally-generated possibilities of programming present themselves in the text carat’s rhythmic pulse in the very first command line. The difficulty is in the details; every bit as challenging to master as any foreign language, the nuances of programming come not from the explicitly intended definitions and uses of each code element available in the Processing Reference, but from the ways in which the programmer can pry open the ellipses of possibility and meaning in order to let the language bear forth its own beauty.

Every bit as expansive and open to possibility as the title of the track itself, Prix Ars Electronica winner and Culture Shock Interactive Director Glenn Marshall‘s new video for Hello Moth‘s “Clouds in Cloudless Skies” is a boundless, four-and-a-half minute ode to the infinitude of all things procedurally-generated. Entirely created in Processing, this one is a swan-dive into a sprawling visual soundscape, materialized without the use of video camera technology. To honor the exclusive premiere of the music video (above), and in anticipation of a Culture Shock NY’s 7 year anniversary event at LA SALA on August 7, which features Hello Moth’s New York debut, the live premiere of “Clouds in Cloudless Skies,” a playable exhibition of the new virtual reality gaming experience, SoundSelf, and a DJ set by Leisure Cruise, we spoke to both artists about their new work: Read more


Global mobile data traffic grew by 81% in 2013 with mobile video accounting for 53%. Cisco predicts that by 2018 it would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month. Most people already understand the opportunity offered by social media but forget that media is a plural word. And media is changing. The smartphone is both a recording device and a distribution network. Consumers are now co-creators. Immersive displays and 360° camera systems break beyond the confines of the screen. Geo-location, facial recognition and augmented reality allow personalized interaction. Data analysis and visualization yield accurate insights in real time. Over a billion people are connected on Facebook, who also own Instagram and Oculus Rift. It’s hard to keep up.


Culture Shock is a New York City-based media consultancy and creative studio focused on disruptive innovation. We have cut our teeth and earned our stripes supporting the tastemakers, trailblazers and thought leaders in visual communications. We know what’s coming next because we know the people who built it. Culture Shock literally translates as “the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.”

In a time of accelerated technological change our role is to act as a bridge between different mindsets: to stimulate creative thinking leading to future proof strategies, to explore virtual solutions to real world problems, to start conversations and spark collaborations. We believe that innovation happens when things that are separate get mixed.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -

Albert Einstein

21st Century technologies and behaviors are disrupting traditional thought processes across every vertical. New realities require new skill sets and approaches. Even the smartest people can live in a bubble, endlessly discussing the same problems with the same people without realizing that other people are asking similar questions. If the old ways don’t work then it’s time to try something new. Culture Shock is developing innovation labs; bringing imaging scientists together with gamers at Yale, peace builders together with coders in Ireland, and technology platforms together with photographers in New York.