datavized: Data-driven Virtual Reality Production Studio, NYC.

datavized: Data-driven Virtual Reality Production Studio, NYC.

Culture Shock announces the launch of datavized, a Data-driven Virtual Reality production studio in New York City. datavized operates from a strong position of leadership in immersive media innovation; datavized is a New York City-based immersive design studio, focused on the intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and Data Visualization. Our team combines producers of interactive storytelling with experts in software engineering, advised and mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders. We are already recognized as innovators in virtual reality production and have built prototypes that demonstrate the disruptive power of virtual reality data visualization.

Leadership Team: Hugh McGrory (Chief Executive Officer, Founder); Debra Anderson (Chief Strategy Officer, Founder); Brian Chirls (Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder)

To learn more and connect with us, please visit datavized at

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