CULTURE SHOCK is a New York City-based consultancy focused on disruptive innovation. We are cultural producers, strategists and storytellers. Our mission is simple: to stimulate creative thinking, to start conversations and spark collaborations, to improve efficiency, communications, insights and productivity, to be a catalyst for positive change.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein

Debra Anderson

{ Chief Executive Officer / Founder}

Debra Anderson is an innovation consultant and entrepreneur with expertise in digital media, strategy and marketing. Debra has delivered multifaceted integrated media campaigns in global, digital and local markets. She applies this knowledge of storytelling, art and technology to the innovation ecosystem. Anderson is a Founding Partner of the PeaceTechLab, in collaboration with INCORE at the University of Ulster.

In 2013, Debra conceived of, created the curriculum for, and served as an instructor on the first Big Data Consumer Research course at The New School for Public Engagement. She was selected as one of sixteen Media Executive Entrepreneurs for the inaugural business innovation program developed by the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment (MOME) in partnership with New York City’s Small Business Services (SBS) and Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She also served on the inaugural Innovation Committee of the Made in New York Media Center by IFP from 2013-14.

Since founding Culture Shock in 2007, Debra has consulted on high profile projects across the creative industries for clients such as Shepard Fairey, Vimeo LLC (a subsidiary of IAC to ex(NASDAQ: IACI), The National Film Board of Canada (Bear 71; A Journal of Insomnia, Circa 1948), Tribeca Enterprises, Ogilvy & Mather, Reboot Stories (Lance Weiler) and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Hugh McGrory

{ Chief Innovation Officer / Partner }

Hugh McGrory is an innovation consultant, artist and instigator with expertise in filmmaking, creative direction and emerging technologies. Hugh’s work explores the narratives of innovation through hands-on experimentation (to provoke new questions) and theoretical analysis (to explore new grammar). McGrory completed a residency in 2007 with the CINEMA Microscopy Lab at Yale University School of Medicine.

Hugh’s areas of research activity include immersive technologies and 360 degree audiovisual systems, augmented reality, medical imaging, data visualization, nanotechnology, online and mobile platforms; and the digitization, preservation and presentation of archives. In 2011 Hugh conceived of The Andy Warhol Film Digitization Project, featuring over 500 films by Warhol, developed in collaboration with The Moving Picture Company and described as “the largest effort to digitize the work of a single artist in MoMA’s collection.”

Hugh grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland. He co-founded the Belfast-based digital media and computer animation studio, was Executive Producer for the Northern Ireland Screen / UK Film Council ‘Deviate’ short film scheme, a Teaching Fellow at The Queen’s University of Belfast Film Studies Department, an award-winning director and producer of experimental films, and a Film Acting Tutor at The Gaiety School, Dublin, National Theatre School of Ireland.