PeaceTechLab to Launch at CultureTech 2014

PeaceTechLab to Launch at CultureTech 2014

We are just a couple of weeks away from the formal launch of our newest innovation lab initiative: the Peacebuilding and Technology Laboratory (The PeaceTechLab) which will be based in the FabLab at the Nerve Centre, based in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, in partnership with The Nerve Centre in Derry, The Young Foundation, The Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies in the Basque Country, New York based Culture Shock, and Scensei in Washington invite you to explore with us how technology and new media can be used to enhance peacebuilding practice.

. September 19 2014, 14:00 15:00. RSVP required.

Explore the full CultureTech 2014 Festival program:

A Virtual Reality Experience Gave Me Synesthesia

Genuinely new experiences are rare; even new works of art, intentionally or otherwise, reference past artistic creations. But when I entered the latest version of SoundSelf, Robin Arnott’s multisensory Oculus Rift experience, which fuses sound, vision, and vibration into one sublime biofeedback loop, I had to discard everything I’d seen before to describe what I’d experienced. The closest comparison could be a combination of six hours spent in an isolation chamber, a visit to La Monte Young’s Dream House, and an eye-straining optical illusion— as far as personal experiences go, the term sui generis doesn’t even cut it.

As Arnott lowered the new Oculus Rift onto my head, fixed headphones onto my ears, attached two microphones around my voice box, then positioned my back against a flat, soft subwoofer, I didn’t know what to expect. This wasn’t helped by the facts that SoundSelf began with a black void, and that the ambient sounds of the room I was in that could barely be heard through the headphones.

Arnott told me to hum monotones and hold them until I wanted to try out some other notes. If I modulated my voice too much, he cautioned, the experience wouldn’t work as well. So, I hummed— and suddenly, a brand new, fifteen-minute cavalcade of kaleidoscopic, geometric shapes and colors burst and drifted into my field of vision, merging with my voice, and the vibrations coming out of the subwoofer. Read More

The Creators Project Features Clouds in Cloudless Skies

Dive Into The Clouds In This Code-Generated Music Video

By Emerson Rosenthal — Jul 29 2014

For anyone who’s ever stared at the “Getting Started” tutorials on, the infinite, procedurally-generated possibilities of programming present themselves in the text carat’s rhythmic pulse in the very first command line. The difficulty is in the details; every bit as challenging to master as any foreign language, the nuances of programming come not from the explicitly intended definitions and uses of each code element available in the Processing Reference, but from the ways in which the programmer can pry open the ellipses of possibility and meaning in order to let the language bear forth its own beauty.

Every bit as expansive and open to possibility as the title of the track itself, Prix Ars Electronica winner and Culture Shock Interactive Director Glenn Marshall’s new video for Hello Moth’s “Clouds in Cloudless Skies” is a boundless, four-and-a-half minute ode to the infinitude of all things procedurally-generated. Entirely created in Processing, this one is a swan-dive into a sprawling visual soundscape, materialized without the use of video camera technology. To honor the exclusive premiere of the music video (above), and in anticipation of a Culture Shock NY’s 7 year anniversary event at LA SALA on August 7, which features Hello Moth’s New York debut, the live premiere of “Clouds in Cloudless Skies,” a playable exhibition of the new virtual reality gaming experience, SoundSelf, and a DJ set by Leisure Cruise, we spoke to both artists about their new work: Read more

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BAS Radio – Last Interview with Ultra Violet

BAS Radio – Last Interview with Ultra Violet

At Volta NY 2014, we curated The Spectrum of Ultra Violet, an immersive installation honoring the artist, writer, actress and singer (Isabelle Collin Dufresne, September 6, 1935-June 14, 2014) often overlooked as a ‘muse’ to such luminaries as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, John Chamberlain and Ed Ruscha. During the show we met new friends Bad at Sports and organized a reading by Ultra Violet from her book Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol. Amanda Browder records this and the last interview with Ultra Violet. We invite you to listen in to this intimate conversation from coining “Famous for 15 Minutes”, meeting Dali when she moved to NY, her first encounter with Warhol at the Factory, her thoughts on art, technology and selfies. You are deeply missed UV. The interview begins at the 54:28 mark, the podcast is available for free download.  Read more

Culture Shock Celebrates 7 Years

Culture Shock Celebrates 7 Years

Celebrating seven years of innovation, Culture Shock  is delighted to present a special anniversary event August 7th featuring the New York debut of Canadian electronic musician Hello Moth and world premiere of Clouds in Cloudless Skies, the new music video created entirely from programming code directed by Belfast-based artist Glenn Marshall, Culture Shock Interactive Director.

In addition to Hello Moth’s live performance and music video screening of Clouds in Cloudless Skies with three-wall projection and surround sound, Culture Shock invites audiences to immerse themselves in SoundSelf, a collision of centuries old meditation technology with video-game trance. Designed for the next generation of Virtual Reality, SoundSelf takes advantages of loopholes in human perception to induce an introspective state of ecstasy, using use your voice to fall through an odyssey of light and body. The celebration continues throughout the night with sounds from Leisure Cruise (DJ set).


Live performance by Hello Moth
New Music Video screening “Clouds in Cloudless Skies” from the debut album Infinitely Repeated (Directed by Glenn Marshall : Music Hello Moth)
Immersive virtual reality experience of SoundSelf on the Oculus Rift
With Leisure Cruise (DJ Set)

Doors at 7pm
58 N. 3rd St. Williamsburg, NY 11211 Bedford L stop
Event is Free. Please R.S.V.P.

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Can People and Robots Be Friends?

The Aspen Ideas Festival invited Culture Shock collaborating artist Alexander Reben, creator of BlabDroid, to exhibit in the Innovation Gallery. BlabDroids interviewed attendees and staff, including Walter Isaacson, at the Aspen Ideas Festival as part of the world’s first documentary filmed entirely by robots. Read more

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When Will Robots Take Over the World? In their series “The Big Question”, The Atlantic interviews collaborating artist Alex Reben at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival. about the future of robotics. Read more